Baby On Board Means a Load of Fun

One the great joys of the holiday season is the celebration of baby’s first Christmas.  No one enjoys seeing the toothy grin of a little one more than grandparents, or great-grandparents who beam with pride when the baby is brought to the table to join the family for the first time.  Some aunts, uncles and cousins might get their first look at the child that day, which will bring back memories of seeing their first child bouncing on grandpa’s knee. When there’s a Christmas baby in the room, the day takes on a festive atmosphere, and all subsequent meetings are rooted in that first glance.  That’s why holiday traditions are so important.  They help us hold memories, pass on skills and knowledge, and confirm our identity.  You often hear adoptees talk about wanting to meet someone who looks like them.  And they long for the day when they can be united with their biological relatives.

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